Mawarra Street (NBB Stage 3A)

Mawarra Street is currently a “bicycle awareness Zone” and runs on the western side of Albion Station. Traffic levels are much lower since the changes to the junction by the Fire Station on Bridge Street were implemented, which restricted a lot of south bound traffic.


Stage 3A of the NBB is proposed to run along Mawarra Street from Albion Road to Grove Street. There will be an on-road separated cycle facility and Mawarra Street will be one way from south of Bale Street to Grove Street. Consultation is currently under way between TMR and residents and stakeholders. North Brisbane Bikeway Stage 3A: proposed plan (PDF, 118 KB)

One of the common problems in this area have been cars short cutting the corner on Grove street with several vehicle incidents and kurb damage having happened in the past.

Stage 3A will be constructed as part of Stages 2 and 3 in late 2018.


Last Updated: 03 December 2015

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