Urgent Safety Measures on Nudgee Rd: Advocating for Action

Urgent Safety Measures on Nudgee Rd: Advocating for Action

In a recent council meeting, Councillor Jared Cassidy presented a motion aimed at improving safety on Nudgee Rd. While his efforts were commendable, it was disheartening to witness another delay tactic employed by Cr David McLachlan, who proposed an amendment requiring recommendations from the coroner. This amendment essentially means that the safety measures will be postponed for an extended period, potentially two to three years or more. It is crucial to shed light on these delaying tactics and take action to expedite safety improvements. In this blog post, we discuss the concerning situation and highlight ways we can rally for change.

Brisbane North BUG’s Condolences: First and foremost, Brisbane North Bicycle User Group (BN BUG) extends our deepest condolences to the friends and family of anyone who has tragically lost their life on our road network. Each incident is a stark reminder of the urgent need to improve safety measures, especially on roads like Nudgee Rd. The reported 26 incidents on Nudgee Rd alone emphasize the pressing nature of this issue and highlight the need for immediate action.

Council’s Delaying Tactics: The amendment introduced by Cr David McLachlan, insisting on the coroner’s recommendations before taking any safety actions, raises serious concerns. It effectively pushes the implementation of much-needed safety measures into the distant future, leaving residents and commuters vulnerable in the meantime. This delay strategy by the LNP Council is not only frustrating but also undermines the urgency and importance of addressing safety concerns promptly.

Acknowledging Advocates: Amidst this disappointing turn of events, it is important to acknowledge the efforts of Councillor Jared Cassidy for his motion and Cr Nicole Johnston for calling out the council’s delaying methods during the meeting. Their vocal support for expediting safety improvements on Nudgee Rd is commendable, and their advocacy serves as a reminder that concerned citizens can make a difference.

Parking in Bicycle Lanes: An Easy Safety Improvement: While the broader safety improvements may face delays, there is one area where immediate action can be taken: preventing cars from parking in the bike lane. This simple step can significantly enhance the safety of cyclists and prevent accidents. By urging the council to implement measures that discourage parking in bike lanes, we can make an immediate positive impact on Nudgee Rd’s safety.

Taking Action: Write to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner: If you share our concerns about the delayed safety improvements on Nudgee Rd, we encourage you to voice your thoughts and demand swift action from the council. Writing to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner can be an effective way to express your concerns, urging him and the council to prioritize the safety of residents, cyclists, and commuters. Your contribution can help drive change and bring attention to the pressing need for safety improvements on Nudgee Rd.

Link to write to the Lord Mayor:


Conclusion: The recent council meeting regarding safety improvements on Nudgee Rd has shed light on the frustrating delaying tactics employed by the LNP Council. While the amendment requiring coroner recommendations prolongs the implementation of safety measures, it is crucial that we rally together and demand swift action. By addressing the issue of cars parking in bike lanes and writing to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, we can work towards ensuring the safety of all road users on Nudgee Rd. Let us unite and advocate for the necessary changes that will make our roads safer for everyone.

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