This project seems to be the first half of a multistage project. While little information is known about the second stage there was mention of “North Western Bikeway: Grinstead Park Stage 2” in the 2016-2017 Brisbane City Council budget. Hopefully this is the second stage and would address some of the current issues that the Brisbane North BUG has with this section of infrastructure such as how the two created pathways don’t connect to each other/end abruptly.

Details taken from the Brisbane City Council webpage on the project (2016-06-25) –

Construction of the Kedron Brook Bikeway upgrade – Royal Parade is now complete, providing residents, pedestrians and cyclists with improved connections to local amenities and the Kedron Brook Bikeway – one of Brisbane’s busiest bikeways.

The Royal Parade upgrade involved:

  • constructing a 3-metre-wide shared pathway from the Kedron Brook Bikeway behind Stafford City shopping centre to Shand Street, Stafford
  • constructing a 2.5-metre-wide pathway on the northern side of Shand Street to connect the new pathway to the local footpath network
  • installing a pedestrian refuge to provide a safe crossing point across Shand Street
  • widening a small section of Shand Street to increase space for the crossing and adjacent shared pathways
  • relocating the guard rail and culvert improvements on Shand Street
  • installing lighting along the new pathway
  • removing approximately 30 trees to improve safety
  • replanting approximately 120 native trees of varying sizes in the project’s vicinity.


Completed pathway



Last Updated: 17 February 2016

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