As part of the Queensland State Government, Queensland Rail and the local Brisbane City Council it was announced that the Telegraph Road and Newman Road open level crossings would be replaced with overpasses. Houses and businesses were resumed in part for the Geebung level crossing replacement. Also as a side extension of the project some of the local shared pathway network was modified as a result through Geebong Park which included the removal of a pedestrian bridge with a new one constructed nearby along with an underpass on Robinson Road which we thank the Brisbane City Council for undertaking.

Since its completion we don’t have too many concerns over the project but the below are the big concerns.

– Green light timing for cyclists heading west through the Newman Road intersection is too short if a car on Newman Road trips the lights when a cyclist is moving from a standing start (adding a small delay time from when the vehicle trips the lights to when the lights start the changing phase would fix this problem).
– Since this is located in an industrial area there are always debris in the bike lanes on the overpass. Especially on the westbound bike lane from vehicles turning off Newman Road. Regular cleaning should be maintained.
– Cars parking in the bike lane/no standing zones on Robinson Road East after the Newman Road intersection.
– Lack of bike lanes along Robinson Road West and Robinson Road East. Robinson Road West could easily have the current shoulders converted into bike lanes. The bike lanes created as part of the works are fantastic but after leaving the scope of the project area it becomes dangerous very quickly from parked cars to the poor quality of the road surface which dominates Sandgate Road to Newman Road along Robinson Road East.
– The yellow banana bars creates a dangerous pinch point along with constant bar strikes due to their height.




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