Due to the project for the pedestrian/cycling infrastructure still in a design phase/consultation phase there is little information to go on besides a basic layout of the proposed bikeway and pedestrian pathway. We will update this page when more details are confirmed.


Information provided by the Gateway Upgrade North project and The Department of Transport and Main Roads project websites.

“The Gateway Upgrade North project will significantly improve active transport infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. This includes construction of a new, off-road shared pedestrian and cycle path along the length of the project, with connections to existing local bicycle and pedestrian networks.

The new pathway will be 3.5m wide and will connect the Kedron Brook Bikeway at Nudgee to the existing Gateway Motorway pedestrian/cyclist underpass at Bracken Ridge, making use of existing shared paths adjacent to the Gateway Motorway.

The new pathway will provide a continuous off-road link between Redcliffe in the north and Stafford in the west, for safe and sustainable pedestrian/cyclist travel on the north side of Brisbane.

Grade separated crossings will be provided:

  • under Nudgee Road at Nudgee
  • over the Gateway Motorway at Nudgee Road
  • over Sandgate Road and the Shorncliffe rail line at Deagon
  • under Bicentennial Road at Boondall
  • under Deagon Deviation.

Five covered rest areas will also be provided along the new shared pathway. These facilities will include lighting, seating and drinking water for people and pets (at two locations), providing an opportunity for pathway users to take a rest and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Improvements to footpaths will also be made along Nudgee Road and Depot Road.

To improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety and access to the North Boondall train station, the Sandgate Road and Holroyd Street intersection will be signalised”.

The original Gateway Upgrade North Preferred Plan was released to the public in October 2013. As a result of the tender process, a number of key innovations have been made to improve the Preferred Plan, including:

  • Future proofing the motorway by making allowance for the 6 lane upgrade to be widened to 8 lanes in the future, accommodating forecasted traffic increases and population growth.
  • Incorporating an off-road pedestrian and bicycle path along the entire length of the project with covered rest areas and a new pedestrian/cycle connection over Sandgate Road/the Shorncliffe rail line.
  • Constructing a new northbound bridge over Sandgate Road and the Shorncliffe rail line to replace the existing bridge and avoid long term maintenance issues.
  • Improved outcomes for the Deagon Racecourse. Under the Preferred Plan the racetrack had to be realigned, however under the revised design the track will be unaffected and only the starting chute will be relocated.
  • Significantly reduced impact on the Deagon Wetlands.
  • Relocation of the motorway ramps to and from the upgraded Deagon Deviation to improve safety outcomes and increase capacity.
  • Rehabilitation of the Gateway Motorway between Bracken Ridge and the Bruce Highway including pavement and safety improvements.

Project Timeline

  • 2007 to 2011—planning study of Gateway Motorway between Nudgee and the Bruce Highway; community consultation
  • 2011—Gateway Motorway North project draft plan released; community consultation about Deagon Deviation options
  • 2012 to 2013—development of preferred plan for Gateway Upgrade North
  • Late 2013—release of the preferred plan and announcement of joint funding
  • Late 2013 to mid-2015—detailed design and procurement of tenderers for major works
  • September 2014—start of preliminary works to prepare the site
  • Mid-2015—contract awarded for the major works
  • Early 2016—start of major works construction
  • Late 2018—completion and commissioning

The project also has its own website established as part of the project

Revised Design Map:


CN0008-20160201: Additional night work investigations of existing ground conditions – Bracken Ridge to Bald Hills
CN0011b-20160201: Night work investigations of existing ground conditions – Sandgate Road bridges
CN0013-20160201: Bridge works: Gateway Motorway over Sandgate Road/Braun Street and the Shorncliffe rail line
CN0015-20160216: Bridge preparation and piling works: Gateway Motorway bridges over Sandgate Road/Braun Street and the Shorncliffe rail line
CN0017-20160225: Site establishment, Nudgee
CN0021-20160324: Site office establishment – Queens Road, Nudgee
CN0022-20160307: Gateway Motorway over Bicentennial Road interchange, Boondall
CN0023-20160314: Night works for Gateway Motorway road widening: Nudgee Road, Nudgee to Bracken Ridge Road, Bracken Ridge
CN0024-20160314: Night work bridge investigations: Gateway Motorway over Depot Road, Deagon
CN0026-20160324: Gateway Motorway bridges over Sandgate Road/Braun Street, Shorncliffe rail line and bikeway diversions

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2015-12-17 – Braun Street/Sandgate Road Works

Video via Youtube

Video via Youtube

Video via Youtube

2015-12-15 – Braun Street/Sandgate Road Works

Video via Youtube


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